Check out the FAQ related to our products, services, payment, deliver and more. These are some of the most commonly asked questions by users and will help you find the right answers.

1. What kind of product are available on the website?
Precious Gift From God has a wide range of products to choose from. From bodysuits to hats and gowns, you will find all types of clothing items, accessories and toys here. You can check out the whole product range here -
2. How Can I Find the right Size product?
You can easily browse products by using the filter option to find the right size, type, new products, featured and more. Also, you can see the size of the product on the product page itself. All the information concerning each product is available on the website.
3. Are the products safe for kids?
All the products on this website are made from high-quality materials and safe for the babies and kids in general. We have taken care to find the best product for your kid. And, we ensure that the products including clothes and toys are safe for kids.
4. When will I receive my order?
Usually, order is dispatched within 2-3 business days, unless there is some issue like COVID-19 restrictions. We request you to give us more time in that case. Once the product is dispatched, you will get the notification. You can track your product too.
5. Which payment methods are available?
You can choose from various payment methods including credit and debit card and more.
6. Can I cancel my order? And when can I get the refund?
You can cancel your order before its dispatched. After confirming everything, you will receive your refund within 5 days.
If you didn’t find the question you were looking for, you can contact us. We will make sure that our team handle your queries.